Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's almost the end of my first year as a real teacher.

I can't believe it. Two more days and I'm officially done with my first year. It's had ups and downs for sure, but it's almost over. I still feel like it's hard to call this my real "first year," because it's not my first year with my own classroom. Teachers' first years are supposed to be crazy stressful, right?

Sometime in the upcoming two days, I should find out where I'll be placed for next year. I'm honestly a little pessimistic, but I am looking forward to knowing, one way or another.


Bradley Garwood said...

congratulations. And I hope you have many, many more

Sarah Garb said...

Congratulations! Did you find out yet where you'll be next year? That must be quite the nerve-wracking wait!