Monday, May 03, 2010

Here Comes the Whine

For those of you who don't know me in real life, you may not know I'm engaged.

I'm excited to get married! And I want that to be clear.

Wedding planning, however- terrifying.

Weddings are expensive. Even though I want something simple, I'm a little scared to see how much it's all going to come out to. It doesn't help that job security in education isn't super fantastic right now for a new teacher.

Plus, weddings are complicated. It's supposed to be about you, but yet there are all these expectations. Things you are supposed to because they're tradition. People you're supposed to invite. What you should and should not say to be polite. Religious bits that I'm sure some of my family would consider required but I'm not sure I do anymore. Things my brother will not be happy with because nothing or no one is ever good enough to not be criticized.

I feel like I know a lot of girls who have been waiting for this all their lives. They have dreamed of the ball gown and tiara, the fancy hotel, and the horse and carriage. (These are mostly the same girls with similar dreams for prom.) Some have known their wedding colors for years, or had a 'wedding binder' before they were anywhere close to engaged.  I've been engaged well over a year and I know next to nothing about my wedding. I'm just not that girl.For one, I'm indecisive, and for another, I know a wedding isn't the big deal to me.

I haven't been waiting for a wedding. I haven't been wishing for my princess day. A wedding will be nice, but more than that, I'm excited to get married to my fiance. And that's what matters, right?

The planning is still scary, because organization (a very necessary thing in all this) is definitely not my strength. Also, because we're actually getting somewhat close at this point. But hopefully I can enlist some help, like this teacher, to lighten the load. :)


Erica said...

I totally am one of those girls that's dreamed of her wedding since she was a little girl, but that doesn't mean I'm going to do anything traditional or expensive. Even if wedding planning scares you, remember that it's YOUR day and you can do whatever you want, and whatever will be best for you and Ryan! If you need any help/advice, let me know! Also, if you haven't seen it already, is a fantastic site with lots of inspiration on how to have a low-budget, awesome wedding that is all about YOU and not all about what everyone else thinks you should do.

luckeyfrog said...

Thanks for the confidence.

I know that I want the wedding to be about us, and I've got a few ideas in mind. It's just been a bit hard to get the ball rolling since I don't already know where I want anything to happen (not even narrowed down to a city), and I sense some... reluctance for the few ideas from family.

Most of my hesitance is honestly that I'm not a great planner, and the finances. I have no intentions of spending a crazy amount on the wedding, but I know it will add up and I'm still not sure what kind of budget will be possible.

I need to get going, though, so that the time crunch doesn't make things more stressful. I want to have fun with it.

I bet you're having a great time getting started, too! :) Congrats again!