Sunday, February 21, 2010

the positives

I was hoping to do this at some point, but Katy has asked for people to do the opposite of her last entry. Instead of jealousies, list your blessings and the things you are thankful for- and I fully intend to take her up on it.

If my count is right, I posted 21 jealousies- so my goal is at least 22 blessings. BRING IT ON.
  1. My apartment. It's nicer than any of my college apartments!
  2. The students in my class. They make me laugh constantly and can be very sweet to me.
  3. The teacher I work with. She is a great teacher, and treats me as both an equal colleague and a friend.
  4. My job. Job searching was tough last summer, and I know many people that are struggling to find work still. I am so thankful to have any job, much less a teaching one where I can ease into full authority while in the same town as my fiance.
  5. Because of my job- the money I have. I'm just out of college, so it doesn't seem like a lot now, but I have plenty to get by with everything I need and some beyond that.
  6. My fiance. All around me, I've seen crazy relationships- and we are so awesomely far from that. He's sweet, takes care of me, respects me, listens to me, and makes me laugh.
  7. My family. My mom still does whatever she can to support me, even when things haven't exactly worked out the way she planned. I'm so glad I have brothers, and a huge extended family that cares so much and has so much fun!
  8. The many teaching blogs I read. It's amazing what I learn from them and how much they crack me up.
  9. The pets my family has always had. When I go home, the two dogs are so excited to see me, and the cat loves to cuddle at night. Nothing makes you feel more loved than dogs greeting you at the door!
  10. Football. Seems silly, but it's something that my fiance, family, and me all enjoy- and I get so much enjoyment out of following it and watching it, especially with people I love.
  11. My education. I've been blessed to have so many unique experiences, especially as I grew up- everything from Space Camp to Paleontology Club to working for biology camps.
  12. It's almost Spring. I enjoy the snow and pretty winter time, but by the time Spring gets here, I'm ready!
  13. Spring also means my birthday! I don't care if it means I'm getting older- it's nice. PLUS I'm going to get a spread of birthday goodies at school from one of the other teachers! :)
  14. I'm not one of those crazy wedding-obsessed girls. That not only helps with the budget, but it also helps my sanity and makes me not be a Bridezilla to the people around me. Instead of caring too much what people will think or if it lives up to my princess dreams, I get to think about what actually means something to Ryan and me, and have fun making it happen.
  15. The Ship of Fools/ Purdue Improv Club. I met my fiance at one of their meetings, but I've also met an awesome roommate, a swing dance partner, and a generally fabulous and funny group of friends. Plus, it gives me something to do on Friday nights. Yay social life!
  16. My other friends. I have one girlfriend who loves to be random and spontaneous as much as me. I have a girlfriend who I've known since kindergarten. I have a guy friend who sings musicals with me. Even the friends I don't see often, I love to pieces.
  17. Dancing. Since the time I was three, it's been something I love.
  18. Music. Every time I'm really upset, I'm amazed at the power of music to completely complement my mood.
  19. Books. I have loved them for as long as I remember. Even in diapers I'd pick up a book and lie next to one of my parents to copy them. As a child I always had a stack of library books. Now, books for fun are a precious escape.
  20. My photos. I don't know what I'd do without all the pictures I've taken and all the pictures that were taken of my family when I was little.
  21. Ryan's family. Honestly, I would be grateful if they just didn't dislike me, but they're also so welcoming and fun to be around. Being with Ryan was already pretty awesome, but getting to be part of his family is an extra bonus.
  22. My church. While my faith can waver, I cannot imagine my life without the wonderful people who went to the church I grew up in. I have so many memories of their friendship and love.
  23. My health and the health of those I love. I know that, ultimately, my health keeps me able to do everything else.
See? I can still be positive. :) It's not that hard. There are so many good things happening in my life. Even on my moody days- deep down, I know that my life is full of things to be grateful for, and it's only fair I give them the same blog-attention as my jealousies and worries.

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Renee L. said...

I know it's not always easy to be positive, and you certainly have no *obligation* to always be positive, but that having been said you are one of the more cheerful people I know, and you always make me happy. :)