Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, uh, WHAT?!

I have lunch duty and I actually love it. Our lunchtime is rarely crazy, so I generally get to circulate through the cafeteria and talk to kids in a totally different way than we talk throughout the rest of the day. I've gotten to know kids that I wouldn't otherwise know.

Every once in awhile, though, you hear something that you don't expect.

Yesterday, a girl says "His dad is bad," pointing at her neighbor. She goes on to explain, "He killed a guy last night."

And he turns to her and covers his mouth with a finger to shush her. He doesn't look scared that I'll find out, but he does want this to be a "secret," or so it seems.

Now is this some made-up story a kid's telling to brag that his dad is cool? Is this some reference to a video game taken seriously? Is this exactly what it sounds like?

I have no idea at all, but I was definitely surprised and made sure to report it to our school counselor. Because it may have been completely fictional, but I would still rather tell someone than make an assumption. Sometimes these kids have to deal with knowing some pretty heavy things.

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Sarah Garb said...

That really is a major thing to overhear! Wow. You gotta hope it was in reference to a video game....
But that's why it's good to circulate and just listen to what kids are talking about and thinking about.

Also--thanks for your comment!