Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild Card Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, that was a bust. The Bengals lost badly. The Patriots lost pretty badly. The Packers managed a comeback after being behind by a LOT- and then gave it up in overtime.

At least the Packers' season ended with an Aaron Rodgers sack. It seemed fitting.

I did at least want the Patriots to lose (my, was it sweet to see Tom Brady actually take some hits without getting "Brady rule" calls all day); I just didn't think it would happen. I was happy that the Bengals loss, if it had to happen, came at the hands of Purdue's Dustin Keller. (Although I like Mark Sanchez, he is getting way too much credit for doing nothing other than not screwing up the work of the defense and run game.)

Anyway. So far the Cowboys' win over the Eagles is the only one of my playoff predictions to see the light. Plus, my favorite team and my fiance's favorite team are now both out of the playoffs, so it's been a bit of a gloomy weekend around here.

*sigh* There's always next year, eh?

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