Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My car is a '95. It was owned by a friend's grandmother before me, and therefore has a stereo that includes a radio and a player for cassette tapes.

My neighbor, who's 5 or 6 years old, rode with me in the car the other day, and pointed to the tape sticking out of the dash, asking me, "What's that?"

I explained to her that it was a tape, and that's what they put music on before there were CD's. She nodded, and then said she didn't really like the song that was on, and asked if she could hit the number 6 to go to the 6th song on the tape. I had to explain that tapes didn't work that way.

The funny part was that tapes were such a novel idea to her that she seemed to think learning about them was cool.

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Bradley Garwood said...

I miss tapes, I really do.

The feeling of making a tape with your favorite songs: that's what it was all about.