Tuesday, January 23, 2007

puppy love

I wrote a cheesy, very short story the other day for my class. I had to write a "narrative" about anything I wanted, and since my first text example in that class had been about my pirate dog stuffed animal, I stuck with that. It's nothing I'm really proud of, but I figure I'll share it anyway. Enjoy.


Wesley sighed. He crumpled up the note in his paw and shoved it into his desk, along with the four others he’d written and rejected that day.

Wesley had desperately wanted to ask Adelaide, the prettiest puppy in his class, to the Valentine’s Dance... but it soon became apparent that he wasn’t the only one. Adelaide had been approached by no less than three other guy puppies that afternoon, and each time she smiled and giggled so much that Wesley could only assume she was accepting an offer to go to the dance.

“Oh, come on,” the girl next to Wesley said. Rachel was never afraid to point out anyone’s wrongs; however, she actually was pretty observant and had a good idea of whatever was going on in the classroom at all times.

“What?” Wesley feigned innocence, but Rachel was not easily fooled.

“Just ask her already!” Rachel urged, rolling her eyes.

“Rachel, I have no chance. Besides, I’m sure she already has a date,” Wesley said.

“No way,” Rachel retorted. “She would’ve written a note to her best friend if she’d said yes to someone already.” Rachel had a point, and while she was often a pain, Wesley knew that he could trust her advice.

Wesley grabbed the last note he’d squished and did his best to flatten it out. He carefully wrote Adelaide’s name on top of the small, folded note, and he stood up to sneak it to her desk.

Wesley stood up too fast, though, and tripped over his backpack. The note spilled out of Wesley’s hand, and the teacher scooped it up almost immediately.

“Wesley?” she asked, looking at the shy, studious pup with surprise. “I’m sorry, but you know the policy on passing notes in class.”

Mrs. Buttercream, a sweet older dog who would’ve never expected Wesley, one of her brightest and most obedient students to be caught passing a note. Nevertheless, her long-standing policy was strict, and she reluctantly unfolded the note. “Adelaide,” she read, “Even though I don’t know you well, I think you are beautiful and sweet as a cupcake. Would you please go to the dance with me?”

Wesley, now back in his seat, lowered his head to the desk in shame, but not before he heard the class erupt in laughter, Adelaide’s ringing high above the rest.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel whispered.

“This is all your fault!” Wesley mumbled as Mrs. Buttercream fought to get the raucous class back under control.

“Hey!” Rachel protested. “I think you’re partly to blame for liking such a prissy, pretentious pup when you have other, nice girls that like you a lot.”

“Oh yeah?” Wesley challenged, lifting his head from the desk. “Like who?”

And it was then, when Rachel suddenly became silent and avoided eye contact, that Wesley knew.

He and Rachel had a fabulous time at the Valentine’s dance.


Drewcifer said...

I loved it! It was a little like my cheesy romance story, except totally different!

OF COURSE, that doesn't change the fact that Snow Day did it before either of us.

Ryan said...

did you happen to mention where Wesley came from?