Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review Games

If you're a teacher and need some kind of review game, please consider this:

I created a math review for the past six weeks, and the kids loved it. Of course, you can really only use this if you have a projector of some kind. This worked wonderfully on a SmartBoard, and didn't take me much time at all to set up.

I've made PowerPoint Jeopardy games before, and even with a template, they take some time. Plus, the Flash game keeps score for you. The kids got a huge kick of seeing the score change (of course, it probably would have been good for the students to add up their scores for practice- but I only thought of that now).

The kids love playing a game, of course, but this particular one was a great way to spend a rambunctious Friday afternoon reviewing math concepts. The SmartBoard made the questions huge and easy for everyone to read, and all I had to do was tap once on the screen to move to the next page.

On Friday, I tried out the game while I was leading the class. Normally there's a lead teacher, but she was gone and so the sub was mostly observing as I taught. It went so well, and really confirmed that almost every student really knows these concepts. I'm so glad I found this site, and excited to move on to some new standards!

*One hint: If you're working with second graders like I am, I wouldn't try to follow the traditional Jeopardy format of answer and then question. They didn't know the show, so I think it would have been extremely confusing.

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Mike said...

Greetings Lucky Frog! I just came across your blog tonight. I found a jeopardy game this summer and it's great. I'm also a huge pro football fan too. We watch as much as we can.

So...what's your stand on Brett Farve?

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