Tuesday, April 10, 2007

turkey club

When it comes to lunchmeat, I've never been much of a turkey fan. I'll eat it, but for the most part I prefer ham. (Yeah, I know, this is shaping up to be an incredibly interesting entry so far. Give me a break.)

A turkey club, though, is a fairly basic sandwich, and somehow... I don't think I had one until last summer, when I was at a friend's house and one was offered.

As I chowed down, I realized that I had been seriously missing out on something.

I don't like tomato much, so for me the turkey club consists of white bread, turkey, lettuce, bacon, and mayonnaise. It seems simple, and I know it's common, but I have since become a big fan. I get a turkey club at least once every couple of weeks from the grill in my dorm, because they're delicious and not too unhealthy (especially compared to some of the things I could eat instead).

So, this is me encouraging you to try something you never have. Not necessarily something crazy, though you're free to do what you want. Just try something you've never gotten around to eating before. I dare ya!

(P.S.-- This is me feeling like I should update and looking around for inspiration. In case you didn't notice, my eyes caught the turkey club sandwich in front of me.)

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