Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I'm not sure why, but it's incredibly difficult to come up with the first entry of a journal, and probably even moreso for blogs, because there's an audience.

I guess I'll begin with a quick explanation of what I created this blog for. I already have a LiveJournal, where I write out what's happening in my life (and while it's somewhat informational, it's probably not all that interesting). I have a good old-fashioned paper journal (where I write when it's just for me). So, what's this blog for, you might ask?

This blog is for me to just do some writing "for the masses." I like the idea of other people- maybe even those I don't know at all- stumbling across something I've written and finding it at least mildly entertaining. And so, instead of writing about my personal life, and worrying that information will fall into the wrong hands (creepy strangers or family members, namely), I hope to just write some random stuff in here and try to make it interesting to others. Perhaps I'll write out something interesting I saw that day, my opinion on some thing or topic, or a memory I feel like reliving.

Basically, this blog is a little less about keeping people informed about what's going on in my life, and a little more about me just writing. Who knows if I'll keep it up, but I'd certainly like to try. Feedback- positive or negative- or comments are always appreciated. :) Here we go!

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